About Us

The number of patients suffering from cancer is increasing. Though the media and various health campaigns have helped to raise awareness regarding this issue, people are still unaware of its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Early detection of cancer can save many lives. Cancer Pain Conference is an event that will be held in Dallas, Texas. We have invited a number of cancer and other health specialists from around the world to attend this small health and cancer conference.

The speakers will discuss the current situation of cancer and research progress in this field. They will discuss the symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis. You will be able to know the various kinds of cancer that people may have and the reasons for having the dreadful disease. Various case studies will be discussed so that those present at the event knows how people have successfully fought this disease. Other health issues will also be discussed at the event.

If you are in the medical field, then you can attend this conference to enhance your knowledge. Anyone who is enthusiastic to know about cancer and other health issues can also join.