4 Reasons Why The Cancer Rates Have Increased So Much

The cancer rates have grown significantly over the last 50 years. Not only older people are getting cancer, but the younger people are also suffering from a certain type of cancers. Here are the reasons why the cancer rates have increased so much.

Not eating nourished food

If your body doesn’t have raw materials, then it cannot maintain homeostasis that keeps cancer away. Eating processed food, genetically modified foods, and fat-free diets have contributed to this increased rate.

Vegetable oils causes systematic inflammation in the body

The vegetable oil was introduced as the soybean and corn industry grew. But vegetable oils can damage the systems of the body. Vegetable oils are used for cooking at home, restaurants, and even in processed foods.

Increased level of stress

The way our body copes up with stress depends on the nutrition it gets. Not eating nutritious food, not digesting the food properly or eating too much cannot maintain the homeostasis that is needed to keep us healthy.

Increased number of diagnosis

Cancer is now a multi-billion dollar business. More people are now getting diagnosed with cancer, and so the number of cancer patients is more. In the past, the rate of diagnosis was low, so even if someone had cancer, it was not known as it was not diagnosed.

You should eat fresh food from nature and eat less processed food to lower your chance of having cancer. As life gets busier, people start depending on the processed foods instead of the cooked ones. We should change this habit and protect our family members from having cancer.

Top 5 Deadliest Cancers That Have Low Survival Rate

Cancer is one of the major causes of deaths in many countries around the world. Any cancer is dangerous, but if diagnosed early some cancers can be cured. However, here are the five deadliest cancers that have very low survival rate.

Lung and bronchial cancer

It is the most deadly cancer that claims the lives of many people every year. Smoking and tobacco products are the main causes of this cancer. It is seen in people of ages between 55 and 65.

Colon and rectal cancer

This cancer grows in the tissues of the colon, but rectal cancer grows in the large intestine near the anus. It starts with small cells called polyps that become cancerous over time. Screening must be done to detect polyps before they can become cancerous.

Breast cancer

It is a very common cancer in women. It can occur in men as well. It forms in the milk-producing glands or the ducts that carry milk to the nipple. Early diagnosis of this disease can save lives.

Pancreatic cancer

It starts in the tissues of the pancreas that helps in digestion and metabolism regulation. It is difficult to detect this cancer early. People suffering from pancreatic cancer have less chance of survival.

Prostate cancer

This cancer starts to grow in the prostate gland that produces the seminal fluid to carry sperm. Cancer cells that remain confined to the gland can be treated, but the cells found in other places are very aggressive and spreads quickly.

Any cancer is dangerous and deadly. However, these cancers are the deadliest of all. The survival rates of these cancers are very low.

5 Tips For Coping Up With Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a common form of treatment for patients diagnosed with cancer. Chemotherapy is difficult; it gives you physical and emotional pain. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, then here are some tips to cope up with chemotherapy.

Keep some candy or mints handy

The chemo drugs can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. So, you should keep some of your favorite candies or mints with you when you go for chemotherapy.

Stay busy

You should keep yourself busy always. This way your mind will be relaxed, and you won’t be thinking about your disease all the time. You should always keep your mind occupied so that the thought of cancer doesn’t strike you.

Ask for help if needed

No matter how independent you are, when you have cancer don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed. You should talk about how you feel with your loved ones.


Doing regular exercise can make you feel good. It will relieve your stress, and you will feel happy. You should do exercise every day even if it’s only a short walk.


Sleep is very important during chemotherapy. You shouldn’t feel ashamed if you sleep for longer hours. If you have trouble sleeping, then you should consult a doctor.

People have different experiences during chemotherapy. These tips will let you cope with the intense treatment of cancer, and you will feel less stressed. You should do whatever makes you feel better.